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Paint by number kits for adults

Paint by number for adults and kids are kits having a numbered section on the canvas to better guide the aspiring artist who love painting through the process of paint and colors. It is a very therapeutic process and can increase self-confidence, as well as improve motor skills. It’s also proven to increase concentration and helps a lot with the relaxation of the mind and of the body. We provide high-quality canvas and paintbrushes and we have one of the biggest libraries of canvas. With a wrinkle free canvas, you can use the paint by numbers kits and start creating your original painting. There is no need mixing colors and we use bright colors at the same time. Just try it you will LOVE the finished product :)

paint by numbers kits for adults

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Enjoy a brief brain break and use our unique canvas to enjoy your colourful artistic creativity that contributes to a good mental health. Paint by numbers lowers stress levels through art and gives you something to create through paintings Just match the numbers and paint to start creating art. We have a great series of painting kits and customised paint by numbers canvas. Just use the paint brushes and get started.

Purchase paint by numbers kits from various artists and paint one number at a time. Mindfulness Painting is the process of creating and the moment of NOW using paint, paper and brushes. It is a creative practice of learning to focus and meditate on the moment. With your brush in hand, the practice allows you to open more to presence, spaciousness mindfulness. It is a form of relaxation with no focus on the frustration of not painting well. With the numbers and high quality paint by numbers kits for adults, you get your own masterpiece.

Painting techniques are not necessary. Simply relax, follow the process, paint colors and bring your openness to discovery, and admire your masterpiece once done.

In a typical painting lesson, I will focus on methods and techniques to achieve a result. The purpose will be to identify and practice formal painting skills. But in mindfulness, the painting skill or techniques are not important. What counts is the process of creating.

Colouring expressively in a manner that is guided not only by color but also by the lines displayed on the canvas is the path to mindful creation.

Many hours of fun and thousands of pictures available for you to paint and create art. All our sets come complete with everything necessary. We have some best sellers also that you can buy, paint and hang on your wall. You can also buy the personalised kits and know that the final product will be unique. With all the customer reviews and happy customers, you can be sure that your images and artwork will be delivered on time. Start to paint today with our paint by numbers kits for adults and start creating YOUR ART.​